Rhode Island License Plates

My hobby is collecting motor vehicle license plates issued in Rhode Island since they were introduced in mid-1904. Seldom am I able to view even small portions of my collection because all of the plates are stored in boxes that I rarely have the time and space to unpack. Therefore I've created this Web site for virtual displays of each type of plate.

I've begun by preparing a page about plates issued to motor vehicle dealers, one of the three distinct plate and registration types issued right from the start in 1904. My one-per-year collection of dealer plates is far from complete but on the page reached by the link below you can see what I have so far and read about the collection.

Link to page with information about 2005-2013 presidential inaugural plates.
Rhode Island Dealer License Plates

My plan is to gradually create a separate page for each plate type so please check back from time to time if you're interested in seeing plates of other types.


Please click here to reach my page about District of Columbia license plates.

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